Fusion5 No-Contact Digital Thermometer Gun

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Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature

The sensor optical system measures the heat of the forehead to show the body temperature of the subject (non-contact, to avoid the risk of cross-infection, especially suitable for situations where rapid temperature measurement is required, such as hospitals, homes, schools, kindergartens and railway stations)

  • Instant Reading: Fusion5 Thermometer takes less than a second to generate accurate readings. Just hold the thermometer between 1-3cms distance with no contact whatsoever.
  • 4 Modes: Fusion5 Infrared Thermometer has 4 modes. Body Temperature Mode, Surface Temperature Mode, Room Temperature Mode and Temperature record viewing Mode or voice switching mode.
  • Three Color LCD Display: Fusion5 No contact thermometer makes you aware of higher temperatures by changing LCD display color to Green (upto 37.2 C), Yellow (37.3 to 38 C) and Red (38.1 to 42.9 C). Let your thermometer do the job for you.
  • Track & Record: Thermometer has a MEM button which keeps a track of your previous readings. Thermometer comes with a battery included as a standard. Furthermore, you can activate VOICE mode when needed.
  • Warranty & Support: All Fusion5 products are backed by as 12 months UK warranty and a fantastic customer support. Fusion5 is a 10 year old brand and has more than a million customers. Purchase in confidence.
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