About Fusion5

Fusion5 Android tablets and laptops

Fusion5 supply Android tablets, Windows tablets and laptops for all the family to use.

Our range of tablets provide a seamless online experience and excellent value for money. Whether you want to run the latest Android operating system or want to browse with familiarity of a Windows interface, we have the right choice for you!

All of our models are a treat for all ages and include the following range:

  • Fusion5 104E: Solid design, reliable, efficient and an overall very powerful device
  • Fusion5 104BV2: Slimline, lightweight and uncompromisingly fast
  • Fusion5 FWIN232+: IPS screen, front and rear facing camera, rubberised back, 64GB Storage
  • Fusion5 A90: Our latest and greatest laptop, featuring a powerful Intel chipset. 14.1" IPS Screen.
  • Fusion5 C60: Our more portable laptop, 11.6" still featuring a powerful reliable Intel chipset. Full HD Screen.

If you have any queries at all about our various devices please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We are happy to help!

To all of you, from all of us at Fusion5- Thank you and Happy Shopping!