Fusion5 Rebate Offer

Here at Fusion5, we believe our customers should be just as excited as we were when we bring a new product out into the market!

 We are launching a new product in the next coming days and we would love to gain some feedback from our loyal customers.


 What product is it?

- We are announcing our new lineup of childrens electronics!

- We are starting off our lineup with two new cameras! These cameras are designed with children in mind, meaning they are durable, easy to use and stylish!


How it works?

- Simply purchase our new product from our Amazon Store.

- Allow some time to get to grips with the product and understand all of its features.

- Post your honest unbiased review 

- Contact us with evidence of your review and provide us feedback on how we can further improve the product

- We shall rebate the cost of the product in the form of an Amazon Gift Card!


Why are we doing this?

Every staff member here at Fusion5 takes pride in providing the best possible customer service to our products. To increase the satisfaction of our customers, we value every little feedback and look to make improvements where we can on every product. We are offering customers of ours to use a product in early release and to provide us valuable feedback to help improve the product for everyone!


How do I take part?

Simply reply to email you which linked you to this page. 

Please provide the following information;


Why are you interested in this product?